Automatically notify customers when products are back in stock.

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Don't Miss a Sale

With In Stock Notifier you never need to worry about missing out on sales even if a product is out of stock.

Fully Automated

In Stock Notifier automatically detects when your products are back in stock and emails customers waiting for the product.

Easy Setup & Customization

Easily customize In Stock Notifier to match the look of your store with powerful and easy to use features.


Powerful and Easy to Use Email Editor

We're confident you won't find a better or more easy to use email builder for your back in stock emails. Customizing text, colors and styling couldn't be any faster and intuitive. Use the powerful live preview feature to view your edits and modifications in real time so you can instantly see your changes.

Automated Inventory Detection

In Stock Notifier automatically monitors your inventory for you and detects once a product is back in stock. In Stock Notifier then automatically notifies your shoppers that their product is back in stock.

Powerful Tracking and Analytics

With In Stock Notifier tracks each specific back in stock notification to see which shoppers have clicked on the email and completed their order. In Stock Notifier also calculates the exact amount of revenue it has generated for you so you know exactly how effective the app is. View exactly which products are most requested so you can plan your inventory buying.

Product Variant Support

In Stock Notifier supports product variants so shoppers can sign up for out of stock notifications for a specific variant such as size, color, style etc. In Stock Notifier tracks inventory for each specific variant and notifies shoppers when their requested variant is back in stock.

Beautiful Back in Stock Emails

Your shoppers will be delighted when they receive your back in stock notifications from Restock Relay. Our emails look great and can be easily customized. Plus they’ve been meticulously tested on a variety of email clients. Plus as an extra precaution all emails include a view in browser feature that allows shoppers to view email content directly in their browser.

Email Integrations

Automatically add your customer email addresses to your email marketing provider. In Stock Notifier integrates with some of the top email newsletter services.

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With other back in stock apps you're asked to guess your expected monthly usage and then pick from a limited set of plans. Pick the wrong plan or have fluctuating usage from month to month and you'll end spending more than needed or worry about exceeding your plan limits.

With In Stock Notifier you don't need to worry about estimating how many out of stock sign ups you'll receive per month and you don't need to worry if your usage fluctuates from month to month.

$0.08 per out of stock sign up

*Capped at a maximum of $48/month for 5,000 sign ups a month or less.
Have more than 5,000 sign ups per month? Contact us for high volume pricing.

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